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Manners for Teens

Due to the enthusiastic response to the Manners for Young Ladies and Manners for Young Men programs, we now offer a session geared to the needs and wants of teenagers in grades seven through twelve. Young ladies and gentlemen meet to discuss topics such as confidence, communications, interviewing, grooming, style and all phases of social etiquette. On another day, students join their instructor for a five course dinner at a prominent area restaurant.

Teen Poise

Confidence & Poise

Students are taught principles of posture and how to apply them through exercises shown in class.
Proper sitting, standing, walking and pivoting techniques are not just for models, but for all young ladies who want to be poised and graceful.

Social Etiquette

So that students know how to act and what to say in all social situations, we begin with the art of conversation, introductions and telephone manners.
Being a gracious guest is important whether at a friend's house, an elegant restaurant or a party.
A gracious lady also knows when, why, and how to write a thank-you note, as well as how to extend and reply to an invitation. Manners for going to a museum, the theater, symphony and a sporting event are also included.


Style and Grooming

Skin care, hair care, hand care, nutrition and exercise are discussed. In addition, a manicure is done in class. Our beauty routine begins with brushing, scrubbing and polishing from head to toe.
Students are taught the difference between being well dressed and just being dressed. Suggestions are made for ways to inventory their wardrobe and organize their closets and bedroom.
Makeovers and beginning makeup instruction are included in this course.

Five Course Dinner

At the conclusion of this program, students dine at a prominent local restaurant where they will enjoy a five-course dinner and put all their newly learned manners into motion.

  • 08/31/24
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